Link Area:

The top area displays links to and from the Transformer stage, showing their columns and the relationships between them. The link area is where all column definitions and stage variables are defined.

The link area is divided into two panes; you can drag the splitter bar between them to resize the panes relative to one another. There is also a horizontal scroll bar, allowing you to scroll the view left or right.

The left pane shows the input link, the right pane shows output links. Output columns that have no derivation defined are shown in red.

Within the Transformer Editor, a single link may be selected at any one time. When selected, the link’s title bar is highlighted, and arrowheads indicate any selected columns within that link.

Meta Data Area

The bottom area shows the column meta data for input and output links. Again this area is divided into two panes: the left showing input link meta data and the right showing output link meta data. The meta data for each link is shown in a grid contained within a tabbed page. Click the tab to bring the required link to the front. That link is also selected in the link area.

If you select a link in the link area, its meta data tab is brought to the front  utomatically. You can edit the grids to change the column meta data on any of the links. You can also add and delete meta data

Shortcut Menus

The Transformer Editor shortcut menus are displayed by right-clicking the
links in the links area.

There are slightly different menus, depending on whether you right-click
an input link, an output link, or a stage variable. The input link menu
offers you operations on input columns, the output link menu offers you
operations on output columns and their derivations, and the stage variable
menu offers you operations on stage variables.
The shortcut menu enables you to:

  • Open the Stage Properties dialog box in order to specify stage or
    link properties.
  • Open the Constraints dialog box to specify a constraint (only available
    for output links).
  • Open the Column Auto Match dialog box.
  • Display the Find/Replace dialog box.
  • Display the Select dialog box.
  • Edit, validate, or clear a derivation, or stage variable.
  • Edit several derivations in one operation.
  • Append a new column or stage variable to the selected link.
  • Select all columns on a link.
  • Insert or delete columns or stage variables.
  • Cut, copy, and paste a column or a key expression or a derivation
    or stage variable.

If you display the menu from the links area background, you can:

  • Open the Stage Properties dialog box in order to specify stage or
    link properties.
  • Open the Constraints dialog box in order to specify a constraint for
    the selected output link.
  • Open the Link Execution Order dialog box in order to specify the
    order in which links should be processed.
  • Toggle between viewing link relations for all links, or for the
    selected link only.
  • Toggle between displaying stage variables and hiding them.

Right-clicking in the meta data area of the Transformer Editor opens the
standard grid editing shortcut menus.

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