Client Components

DataStage Designer.

A design interface used to create DataStage applications (known as jobs). Each jobspecifies the data sources, the transforms required, and the destination of the data.Jobs are compiled to create executables that are scheduled by the Director and run bythe Server.

DataStage Director.

A user interface used to validate, schedule, run, and monitor DataStage jobs.

DataStage Manager.

A user interface used to view and edit the contents of the Repository.

DataStage Administrator

A user interface used to configure DataStage

DataStage Manager Roles

  • Import table or stored procedure definitions
  • Create table or stored procedure definitions, data elements, custom transforms,┬áserver job routines, mainframe routines, machine profiles, and plug-ins

There are also more specialized tasks that can only be performed from the DataStageManager. These include:

  • Perform usage analysis queries.
  • Report on Repository contents.
  • Importing, exporting and packaging DataStage jobs.

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