Jobs are created using the DataStage Designer. For this example, you need to create a server job, so double-click the New Server Job icon.

Choose File -> Save to save the job.

The Create new job dialog box appears:


For most data sources, the quickest and simplest way to specify a table definition is to import it directly from your data source or data warehouse.


  1. In the Repository window of the DataStage Designer, select the Table Definitionsbranch, and choose ImportTable Definitions… from the shortcut menu. The Import Metadata (ODBC Tables) dialog box appears:
  1. Choose data Source Name from the DSN drop-down list box.
  2. Click OK. The updated Import Metadata ( ODBC Tables) dialog box displays all the files for the chosen data source name:

  • Select project.EXAMPLE1 from the Tables list box, where project is the name of your DataStage project.
  • Click OK. The column information from EXAMPLE1 is imported into DataStage.
  • A table definition is created and is stored under the Table Definitions ->  ODBC -> DSNNAME branch in the Repository. The updated DataStage Designer window displays the new table definition entry in the Repository window.


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