Center of Excellence for Data Integration (CEDI)

Establishing a CEDI in your enterprise can increase efficiency and drive down the cost of implementing data integration projects. A CEDI can be responsible for competency, readiness, accelerated mentored learning, common business rules, standard practices, repeatable processes, and the development of custom methods and components tailored to your business.

IBM InfoSphere Professional Services offerings can be delivered as part of a strategic CEDI initiative, or on an as-needed basis across a project life cycle. The IBM InfoSphere services offerings in an information integration project life cycle are illustrated in the below Figure

Project startup workshops Table

Project StartupWorkshops Description
Information Exchangeand Discovery Workshop  Targeted for clients new to the IBM InfoSphere product portfolio, this workshop provides high-level recommendations on how to solve a customer’s particular problem. IBM analyzes the data integration challenges outlined by the client and develops a strategic approach for addressing those challenges.
Requirements Definition,Architecture, and ProjectPlanning Workshop Guiding clients through the critical process of establishing a framework for a successful future project implementation, this workshop delivers a detailed project plan, as well as a project blueprint. These deliverables document project parameters, current and conceptual end states, network topology, and data architecture and hardware and software specifications. It also outlines a communication plan, defines scope, and captures identified project risk.
Iterations 2 IBM Iterations 2 is a framework for managing enterprise data integration projects that integrate with existing customer methodologies. Iterations 2 is a comprehensive, iterative, step-by-step approach that leads project teams from initial planning and strategy through tactical implementation. This workshop includes the Iterations 2 software, along with customized mentoring.

The workshop offerings and descriptions for standard practices are shown in the table

Standard practices workshops Table

Standard Practices Workshops Description
Installation and Configuration Workshop This workshop establishes a documented, repeatable process for installation and configuration of IBM InfoSphere Information Server components. This might involve review and validation of one or more existing Information Server environments, or planning, performing, and documenting a new installation.
Information Analysis Workshop This workshop provides clients with a set of standard practices and a repeatable methodology for analyzing the content, structure, and quality of data sources using a combination of IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer, QualityStage, and Audit stage.
Data Flow and Job Design Standard Practices Workshop This workshop helps clients establish standards and templates for the design and development of parallel jobs using IBM InfoSphere DataStage through practitioner-led application of IBM standard practices to a client’s environment, business, and technical requirements. The delivery includes a customized standards document as well as custom job designs and templates for a focused subject area.
Data Quality Management Standard Practices Workshop This workshop provides clients with a set of standard processes for the design and development of data standardization, matching, and survivorship processes using IBM InfoSphere QualityStage The data quality strategy formulates an auditing and monitoring program to ensure on-going confidence in data accuracy, consistency, and identification through client mentoring and sharing of IBM standard practices.
Administration,Management, and Production Automation Workshop This workshop provides customers with a customized tool kit and a set of proven standard practices for integrating IBM InfoSphere DataStage into a client’s existing production infrastructure (monitoring, scheduling, auditing/logging, change management) and for administering, managing and operating DataStage environments.

The workshop offerings and descriptions for advanced deployment are shown in table

The workshop offerings and descriptions for advanced deployment are shown

Advanced deployment workshops Table

AdvancedDeploymentWorkshops Description
Health Check Evaluation This workshop is targeted for clients currently engaged in IBM InfoSphere development efforts that are not progressing according to plan, or for clients seeking validation of proposed plans prior to the commencement of new projects. It provides review of, and recommendations for, core Extract Transform and Load (ETL) development and operational environments by an IBM expert practitioner.
Sizing and Capacity Planning Workshop The workshop provides clients with an action plan and set of recommendations for meeting current and future capacity requirements for data integration. This strategy is based on analysis of business and technical requirements, data volumes and growth projections, existing standards and technical architecture, and existing and future data integration projects.
Performance Tuning Workshop This workshop guides a client’s technical staff through IBM standard practices and methodologies for review, analysis, and performance optimization using a targeted sample of client jobs and environments. This workshop identifies potential areas of improvement, demonstrates IBM processes and techniques, and provides a final report with recommended performance modifications and IBM performance tuning guidelines.
High-Availability Architecture Workshop Using IBM InfoSphere Standard Practices for high availability, this workshop presents a plan for meeting a customer’s high availability requirements using the parallel framework of IBM InfoSphere DataStage. It implements the architectural modifications necessary for high availability computing.
Grid Computing Discovery, Architecture and Planning Workshop This workshop teaches the planning and readiness efforts required to support a future deployment of the parallel framework of IBM InfoSphere DataStage on Grid computing platforms. This workshop prepares the foundation on which a follow-on grid installation and deployment is executed, and includes hardware and software recommendations and estimated scope.
Grid Computing Installation and Deployment Workshop In this workshop, the attendee installs, configures, and deploys the IBM InfoSphere DataStage Grid Enabled Toolkit in a client’s grid environments, and provides integration with Grid Resource Managers, configuration of DataStage, QualityStage, and Information Analyzer.

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