The Data Mart is a database used for decision support, but organized for one department or function. Often the data mart contains summarized transaction data and is designed for fast query performance. In BusinessObjects, the data mart Universe is a business-oriented mapping of the data structure found in databases; tables, columns, joins, etc. and typically resolves a specific business need. Components of a B O universe include:

  1. classes – the logical grouping of objects based on business categories which can be further divided into subclasses
  2. objects – which map to data or a derivation of data in the database and are one of three types
  • Dimension – objects that are the parameters for the analysis. Dimensions typically relate to a hierarchy (for example: Last Name and City ID are dimension objects).
  • Detail – objects that provide a description of a dimension but are not the focus of the analysis (for example: Phone Number is a detail object).

Measure – objects that convey numeric information by which a dimension object can be measured (for example: Dollars Earned is a measure object).

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