Cloud Computing and IBM InfoSphere Information Server

Trusted, scalable and “Pay as you go” data integration solution running on Amazon EC2

Learn how InfoSphere software’s first Cloud offering expands the opportunities for System Integrator partners and clients wishing to leverage the new pay-as-you-go pricing model with the rapid deployment paradigm and the massive scalability offered by InfoSphere Information Server.

What we offer

IBM InfoSphere Information Server running on Amazon EC2 is a trusted, scalable and “Pay as you go” data integration solution that helps organizations derive more value from the complex, heterogeneous information anywhere. With its rapid deployment paradigm and massive scalability, InfoSphere Information Server on Amazon EC2 reduces the upfront time and expense involved with setting up hardware infrastructure and purchasing software licenses for data integration projects lasting 3-12 months, and maximizes the data throughput of trusted information per hour thereby saving time and money.

Whether you are looking to leverage a cloud platform with data integration for developing a proof-of-concept, on-demand usage or continuous off-premise deployment, the following scenarios can be quickly delivered:

  • Data consolidation services provided by System Integrators (SI’s) to support complex application rationalization and migration projects lasting 3 to 12 months.
  • Flexible development capacity for existing enterprise IT clients using InfoSphere Information Server.
  • Ongoing data preparation for SaaS applications and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions deployed in the Cloud.

The advantages of using IBM InfoSphere Information Server running on Amazon EC2 for delivery of trusted information include:

  • InfoSphere Information Server delivers integrated ETL and Data Quality development environment – enabling developers to cleanse, transform and move data with same tool using the same metadata, connectivity, and shared services.
  • InfoSphere DataStage is a powerful industry-leading data integration solution, built upon a common shared metadata repository with a the ability to scale from discrete projects to supporting massive data delivery in batch and real-time.
  • InfoSphere QualityStage is a comprehensive data quality solution employing an industry leading probabilistic matching engine – that ensures higher quality trusted data when cleansing, standardizing, or linking any data domain across multiple, complex data sources.
  • InfoSphere Information Server has a dynamic parallel execution engine – providing design once, deploy anywhere capability that dynamically and seamlessly scales up-or-down based upon hardware configuration thereby simplifying deployment and administration.
  • Pre-installed InfoSphere Information Server version 8.1 software on Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server version 10 (SLES 10 SP2) for the server and Windows 2003 Server for the InfoSphere Developer client licenses – that ensures immediate usage and minimum learning curve for those with InfoSphere development experience.


The benefits of leveraging IBM InfoSphere Information Server running on Amazon EC2 for delivery of trusted information include:

  • Flexibility and additional capacity – as new intelligence workloads expand, data integration development teams can be deployed or augmented at a moment’s notice using InfoSphere Information Server on Amazon EC2. As part of a data integration Center of Excellence (COE), any data integration asset is reusable seamlessly across projects or for subsequent enterprise or cloud-based projects.
  • Lower upfront project costs “pay for what you use” – reduce upfront investment and achieve demonstrable ROI before committing to the capital expenditure on hardware and perpetual software licenses for establishing enterprise systems.
  • Simplifies data integration and data quality challenges and maximizes throughput per hour – InfoSphere Information Server accelerates project design and the delivery of trusted data using a collaborative, model-driven design environment coupled with massive scalability of a parallel processing architecture to ensure maximum throughput of trusted data per hour.
  • Comprehensive range of Enterprise and Cloud connectivity options – in addition to Amazon’s tape/drive options for very large data transfers, InfoSphere DataStage supports the majority of Amazon hosted database such as Oracle, MySQL, DB2, flat files, XML, and web services.

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