Transform Definitions

When you create, edit, or view a stored procedure definition, the Table Definition dialog box appears. There are up to six pages in this dialog box for a stored procedure. The General page contains general information about the stored procedure. The Data source type field on this page must contain StoredProcedures to display the additional […]

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admin on June 10th, 2010

You can create custom transforms using the DataStage Manager or the DataStage Designer. To create a custom transform: In the DataStage Manager, select the Transforms branch in the project tree and do one of the following:   Choose File > New Transform… . Choose New Transform… from the shortcut menu. Click the New icon on […]

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Transforms are used in the Transformer stage to convert your data to a format you want to use in the final data mart. Each transform is built from functions or routines used to convert the data from one type to another. You can use the built-in transforms supplied with DataStage. If the built-in transforms are […]

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